LG 60” Smart 3D TV 60LA6230

The LG 3D 60” LED LCD TV has been designed with the motto “so smart, it’s simple” – and that’s exactly what you’ll experience with this full HD Smart TV.

The LG 60LA6230 comes with TruMotion 200Hz. The 200Hz measure is an indication of the screen refresh rate of the TV, which influences how clearly the TV can show fast moving images – so the higher the TruMotion number, the smoother and more fluid images will appear on the screen, even when they’re fast moving.

Because the LG 60LA6230 is a full HD model, you’re getting double the picture definition quality of regular HD TVs. Rich details, smooth gradations and a very clear image even on the larger screen size are what you can expect with this innovative model.

The LED Plus feature is an improvement on conventional LED backlighting technology, ensuring that you get improved colour and contrast between images.
LG 60" Smart TV 60LA6230

Meanwhile, with the advanced Triple XD engine you can enjoy the highest level of image processing possible from the LG brand, resulting in excellent colour and image clarity for your viewing experience.

The LG 60LA6230 TV also comes with IPS panels, which have a better consistency and less change in colour temperature and contrast. This means you can get the same stunning picture quality even when using wide viewing angles, with minimal variations.

Just like all LG TVs, the 60LA6230 Smart TV is DivX Certified, so you can play DivX video at up to 1080p high-definition. This means you can view everything with the same level of high quality, whether it’s a movie, TV show or internet video.

You can also manipulate the settings on your LG 60LA6230 so they can cater to your exact preferences – with Picture Wizard II, you’ll be able to adjust elements such as black level, colour, tint, sharpness and brightness.

The Cinema 3D technology on the LG 60LA6230 Smart TV means you get bright 3D pictures just like you would at the movies – except you can watch it all from the comfort of your own couch.

You can even use Skype on your LG 60LA6230, so you can chat to all of your loved ones with the luxury of a big screen.

Plus, with built-in Wi-Fi, Smart Sharing between your devices and Time Machine II for easy recording of even live TV events, the LG 60LA6230 TV comes with everything you need for an incredible home viewing experience.

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