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Use of Website

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Trade marks, etc.

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Linking to the Website

Prior approval must be obtained from The Good Guys to link to the Website. Approval to link to the Website will be refused if any of the following is or is suspected to be the case:

  • if the website linking to the Website is defamatory to The Good Guys, its officers or employees;
  • if the website linking to the Website contains content that may damage the goodwill and reputation of The Good Guys;
  • if the format of the link makes it unclear that the material it references comes from the Website;
  • if the link is presented in a manner that suggests a collaborative or cooperative relationship between the website and The Good Guys or that The Good Guys certifies or supports the website on which the link appears; or
  • if the link is considered by The Good Guys to be inappropriate for any other reason.

If approval is given by The Good Guys to another website operation to link to the Website then the website operation must comply with the following:

  • may link but not replicate the Content without The Good Guys’ consent;
  • must not create a browser or border environment around the Content without The Good Guys’ consent;
  • must not imply that The Good Guys is endorsing it or its products or services without The Good Guys’ consent;
  • must not misrepresent its relationship with The Good Guys;
  • must not present false, misleading or disparaging information about The Good Guys’ products or services;
  • must not use The Good Guys’ trade marks without permission from The Good Guys; and
  • must not contain content that could be construed as distasteful, offensive or controversial and should contain only content that is appropriate for all age groups.

The Good Guys may at any time require removal of any link to the Website even if approval has previously been granted.

The Good Guys makes no representation or warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the content of any website linked to or from the Website. The Good Guys recommends that you check the conditions of use, privacy policy etc of websites linked to or from the Website before accessing those websites.

Submission of suggestions and ideas

Occasionally, The Good Guys may solicit suggestions and ideas via the Website. The handling of any suggestions or ideas will be subject to the conditions outlined in the guidelines posted on the Website including, where relevant, The Good Guys’s Privacy Policy.

In respect of suggestions and ideas received by The Good Guys, The Good Guys assumes no obligation to maintain confidentiality or to study, evaluate or utilize the suggestions or ideas. The Good Guys reserves the right to freely use, at its discretion, the suggestions and ideas submitted.


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