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Voices of 2013 Masterclass and Launch Event

As this year’s proud Silver Sponsors of Kidspot’s Voices of 2013 blogging competition, The Good Guys were thrilled to be a part of two amazing events over the weekend. 

The day kicked off with a Blogging Masterclass at Megan Morton’s The School – where panels of experienced bloggers and Kidspot editors provided aspiring bloggers some great tips and tricks on making a successful blog. The panelist shared helpful and honest insights on blogs, the relevance of SEO and working with brands.

Blogger panelist
Panelist sharing invaluable and honest opinions on blogging.


There was laughter, some tears and a whole lot of inspiration. For The Good Guys, it’s great being able to support such a talented group of people and believing in the power of a blogger’s reach and voice.

Next, it was off to Luxe Studio for some mingling and fancy food to celebrate the launch of Voices of 2013.

The whole set-up was amazing with beautiful flower motifs, a media wall displaying live tweets and photos and everyone dressed beautifully for a great night out.

We were especially pleased to meet the top 25 Food & Wellbeing bloggers in person and what an amazing bunch they were!

Voices of 2013 Food bloggers
Kate – Finger, Fork & Knife, Sophie – Local is Lovely, Joanne – Quirky Cooking


An amazing bunch of food bloggers
Some of our top 25 Food & Wellbeing bloggers!


Top 100 Voices of 2013 Bloggers
Top 100 Voices of 2013 Bloggers


Kidspot Voices of 2013 Media Wall
Live tweets and photos!


For a bit of fun, The Good Guys set up a cake pop decorating stand for the bloggers! We had an inkling the cake pop stand would go off and go off it did! We witnessed some colourful and imaginative cake pop decorating skills throughout the evening!

Kidspot Voices of 2013 Launch Event

From left (clockwise): The Vintage Valley, Potpourri and Finger, Fork & Knife, yummy cake pops!, Spicyicecream, One Handed Cooks,  AlanaBread and Citrus and Candy, CakeFace and An Australian Wintour, decorating cake pops! and Cook Republic.

Thank-you to Kidspot and all the inspirational bloggers for an amazing night!

Next Steps?

We’re super excited about the announcement of the top 5 Voices of 2013 Food and Wellbeing finalist!

Congratulations to the finalists:

We can’t wait to see what food inspirations, recipes and photos you’ll share with us in the coming weeks!

Good luck. 

After these amazing 5 bloggers have completed writing their posts – which puts them in the running for the overall Voices of 2013 prize, The Good Guys will launch our very own Food & Wellbeing Category Challenge.

This is where we’ll invite 5 bloggers from the Food & Wellbeing category to participate in a series of challenges over the next three months. The 5 bloggers will be sent 3 appliances and asked to write 3 posts featuring these appliances, using an everyday ingredient in a recipe.

The winner will receive an amazing $30,000 kitchen makeover including their choice of cabinetry and kitchen appliances from The Good Guys!

What’s in it for the reader? The first challenge will happen in July and you – the reader – will also have a chance to WIN one of these appliances!

Stay tuned to find out how you can WIN and what our amazing Food Bloggers will whip up next! 

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  1. Amber,

    From reading the events on the night of the Voices of 2013 Masterclass and Launch Event, it looks from the review and the photos that is was a great night. I am just new to reading the blogs and hopefully in time I will be confident to write a blog myself. All the woman bloggers stories are so inspiring. Well done Good Guys for all the amazing community work that is done by all your workers! :)

    • The Good Guys,

      Thanks Amber – there’s some really exciting stuff coming up for the Voices of 2013 campaign including posts from some talented foodie bloggers, product giveaways and blogger workshop events in Melbourne and Sydney. Please let us know if you’d like to attend any of the workshops. Best of luck with starting your blog!


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