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Samsung LED Smart TV 55” UA55F8000AM

If you’re looking for a brand new television experience, the Samsung 55” Series 8 Smart TV is the ideal model to look out for.

The Samsung UA55F8000AM is one of the brand’s most advanced models yet, bringing to life a ‘futuristic experience’ for viewers in a range of new and exciting ways.

The Intelligent Viewing feature automatically optimises the quality of the pictures on screen by identifying its content type or source, with Clean View added in to refine the details even further.

For those looking for an even sharper image, functions such as Micro Dimming Ultimate can be used to help improve the clear motion rate of the pictures, allowing for stunningly clear images on screen.

Some more of the innovation behind the Samsung UA55F8000AM can be found in the Evolution Kit, a chipset which upgrades the necessary parts of your TV so that even when new features and updates are released your TV can still adapt to these – which means you won’t have to a buy a brand new model to keep up with the latest advances.

If you’ve ever dreaded losing the remote to your standard TV, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Smart Control feature enabled on the Samsung UA55F8000AM means that you can select your channel just by drawing the number with your finger.

Using a specially-designed, enhanced ultra-sensitive touchpad, you can go straight to the content you want to see with a simple gesture of your finger.

Plus, with special touch-sensitive ridges on the pad you can also easily scroll up and down web pages or swipe from side to side to flip through different categories on the Smart Hub.

If you can’t bring yourself to physically make the motions with your fingertips, there’s always the voice command and motion sensing system to aid you as well – simply say “Hi TV” or wave your hand and you can change the channel, adjust the volume and more.

An upgraded Quad Core Processor means your Samsung UA55F8000AM can multi-task quickly. If you want to download and use an app at the same time, flip quickly through channels using voice or motion command or download anything, you’ll have no troubles with this Smart TV.

Last but not least, the sophisticated and elegant design – featuring a crisp metal finish and deep arc stand – will fit in beautifully with the rest of your home, ensuring that you can really enjoy the look and the feel of this innovative Smart TV.

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