Olympus Tough Camera – Top 5 Tips for Snow Photography

The Olympus Stylus Tough TG-2 Camera is the flagship Olympus Tough Digital Camera.

It has a rugged metal chassis body and advanced sealing and waterproofing technology designed to be ‘freeze-proof’ to minus 10 degrees Celsius, making the TG-2 the ideal camera to take on your next snow adventure.

Photography in the snow can be tricky – due to the high contrast, images often appear too bright or washed out. We asked Olympus Australia to share with us their Top 5 tips for taking perfect photos in the snow.

TOP 5 TIPS for snow photography by OLYMPUS:

1.  Colour and contrast is key

Colour or objects can be used to offset the overpowering white areas in snowfields. Look for objects such as someone’s colourful jacket or a really unique tree or other feature in the landscape to provide contrast.


 2.  Get your white balance right

When your camera analyses your snow scene, the amount of  white in the landscape can ‘trick’ the camera,  automatically adjusting its colour settings to make the snow appear to have more of a ‘blue hue’.  Choose the snow setting in your scene selection mode to assist correcting this issue and your colours will appear more natural.

 3.  Snow season is all about action

Chances are, on your winter adventure, you’ll be wanting to photograph quick movements – whether that is your kids having the time of their lives in a snowball fight or an extreme boarder carving up the slopes.  Set your camera to sports or burst mode so that you can take photographs continually to make sure you capture that action moment.


4.  Brr … batteries do not like the cold

In the cold, your batteries naturally do not last as long, so make sure you pack a spare.

Battery5.  Think about your gloves …

When you are rugging up for a day in the snow it’s natural to grab the thickest pair of gloves you own. They’ll keep your fingers toasty – but are not so great for adjusting settings on your camera in a hurry. Try wearing a thinner pair of gloves underneath, that way, if you need to change any of your digital camera’s settings, you’ll be able to do so easily.

Do you have a great tip for snow photography?

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